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There are 4 types of web design in Malaysia. ( excluding e-commerce website).
website package Malaysia

What type of web design you need?

There are 4 types of web design in Malaysia. ( excluding e-commerce website).

  1. Static Html
    Suitable For :  Businesses who want to gain credibility with a fast, modern design, and mobile friendly website. Less content to edit.
    Industry: b2b Business
    Pro: Fast (website loading time is fast), Cheap (It take less time to develop, hence the cost is lower), Simple (Developer can setup website in a short amount of time), Secure (because no login for user)
    Con: You need a web developer to update your content
  2. Template CMS Website
    Suitable For :  New businesses who want a fast, secure, and mobile friendly Website that starts to generate sales with a lower budget.
    Industry: b2c Business, Startup
    Pro: Cheaper (Save on design cost)
    Con: Other website might use the same design as yours
  3. Custom Template CMS Website
    Suitable For :  Businesses who want professional design, fast, secure & mobile friendly website that consistently generates sales. This is the most common & popular package in Malaysia. The development time, price and benefit are more suitable for Malaysia business.
    Industry: b2c Business, Small & medium business
    Pro: Very unlikely to share the same website design with others.
    Con: Pay a bit more on the custom design
  4. Custom Design CMS Website
    Suitable For :  Large corporate companies that need premium online presence. Website that is able to improve company’s brand, build awareness in the market, add subscribers, add followers,  provide customer service & information, attract talents and sales.
    Industry:  Medium & Large scale business
    Pro: Excellent design for your company. It will achieve company’s goals & objectives
    Con: Expensive and take longer time to develop. Normally the design revision will take minimum 2-3 times.

You can choose the web design base on your company’s need, budget and objective. Talk to us or reserve discount or promo now using the contact form below.

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