Why Hire Web Design Company in Malaysia when you can use web builders (Wix, Squarespace & Shopify)

Should you spend time on improving your product and business or should you throw in time to develop your own website?

Web design is used to be expensive and difficult to maintain

Previously, a good looking website could cost you around RM30,000-RM50,000 in Malaysia. But now, thanks to the DIY web builder and CMS (wordpress, drupal, joomla), the price has gone down tremendously. You can easily get a quote 10 times lower than what it used to be.

A web design company now charges average of RM 3,000- RM 4,000 for a simple website (free domain, email and hosting for 1st year). A DIY web builder will cost you around RM 800-RM 1200 (with domain and email hosting).  You generally save RM2000- RM3000 if you develop it on your own. But first ask yourself these questions:-

  1. Why do you need a website in the first place?
  2. Are you in a web design business?
  3. Why are you spending time developing a website?
  4. Should you spend time to improve your product or business instead?
  5. Who will support your CMS website or guide you on all the tools you should use for DIY web builder?

Below are some points that might answer some of the questions above. And, why you need to work with a “GOOD” web design company

  1. Website is not just an online brochure in 2019
    A good web design company will help you to create a website that stands out and convert your website into a SALES generation tools. They will work with you or your sales team in using technology to enhance your sales and marketing. DIY builders are not able to do that because they are platforms that serve many. They cannot be tailored to individual specific needs. That is why they are cheap.
  2. Good looking website is not the only factor that boost sales
    DIY web builders provide easy tools to create websites. It is basically like a power-point tool that helps you to create your presentation online. If you ask any successful salesman, they will tell you that the reason they can sell is definitely not because of their power point presentation. It is just part of it. A pretty website no doubt will bring up the brand. But for SME companies, the number of products or services that they sell are more important than building the BRAND for short-term. You need a web design company to build a website that integrates with all the Sales channels and manage it through your website.
  3. Stands out from you competitors
    A professionally designed website is becoming vital. It is just like acquiring a degree for anyone who wants to look for a job in Malaysia nowadays. It is the minimum requirement for a successful business. A “Good” web design company should be able to propose new ideas and technologies that can be integrated into your business. Whether it is to add a service onto your product to enhance your customer experience or to provide special advertisement design or data on helping you to use the right channel to promote your products.
  4. Website problem, technical Support and peace of mind
    Web builder and CMS are good when you don’t have any problem but anyone have experience running an online business will know that you inevitably experience problem on your website and require help, it’s going to cost you or at the very least take up a lot of your time to solve the problem. The pressure for solving the problem in short amount of time will make you realize the price of peace of mind of web design service.

DIY web builders provide professional looking website and they bring down the web development price. What I want to say is, online marketing in 2019 is not just about creating a website.  If the web design company that you approach is still selling the idea of creating the best looking design now, I think it is time for you to reconsider another service provider because web design company in 2019 should be providing tools that connect customers with the business and not just a “GOOD” looking website.


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