A Comprehensive COVID-19 News & Finance Web Portal

In just one month, we launched a dynamic web portal integrating thousands of hourly updating data points, along with a video API and a robust risk calculator.
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Our esteemed client, based in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor, Malaysia, approached us with an urgent and visionary project: the rapid development of a comprehensive web portal dedicated to COVID-19. This ambitious platform aimed to provide users with a centralised hub for the latest COVID-19 news, financial updates, stock indices, an extensive video library, a COVID-19 risk calculator, and comprehensive vaccine information. The challenge was to create a user-friendly and informative portal that catered to diverse informational needs, all within the constraints of a one-month deadline


  1. Data Integration Complexity for Rapid Deployment: Integrating real-time COVID-19 statistics, financial news, and stock index data from multiple sources was a complex task. Ensuring data accuracy, timeliness, and seamless updates was paramount, all while adhering to the demanding one-month timeframe.
  2. User Engagement : In the digital landscape, user engagement is paramount. The challenge was to retain users’ attention across various sections of the portal, ranging from critical health information to financial insights, all within the project’s tight timeframe.
  3. Data Visualization for User-Friendly Information: Effectively presenting intricate financial data and COVID-19 statistics in an easily digestible format was a creative challenge. The goal was to ensure users could quickly comprehend complex information, and this had to be achieved swiftly.
  4. Creating a COVID-19 Risk Calculator: Designing a user-friendly and accurate COVID-19 risk calculator was essential to provide users with valuable health insights. It required close collaboration with medical experts and the integration of the latest research, all within the tight timeframe of the project.


  1. Data Integration Expertise for Rapid Deployment: We implemented robust data integration solutions, utilising APIs and automated scripts to fetch real-time COVID-19 statistics, financial data, and stock indices from diverse sources. Regular data validation checks were established to guarantee data integrity, all while meeting the demanding one-month deadline.
  2. User Engagement Strategies: We designed an engaging and intuitive user interface, incorporating dynamic content curation, personalised recommendations, and push notifications for critical updates. This strategy fostered user engagement and ensured users kept returning to the portal, all achieved within the project’s strict one-month timeline.
  3. Data Visualisation for Easy Comprehension: Our team employed data visualisation best practices, creating informative and visually appealing charts and graphs. This approach allowed users to grasp complex financial trends and COVID-19 statistics effortlessly, with quick turnaround times.
  4. COVID-19 Risk Calculator for Informed Decisions: The development of the COVID-19 risk calculator involved close collaboration with medical professionals. We used the latest research and data to create a reliable calculator that considered factors like age, location, and pre-existing conditions, empowering users to make informed health decisions, all while adhering to the project’s tight one-month deadline.

Comprehensive COVID-19 Information Hub: YouTube Video Section

As part of our mission to deliver comprehensive resources within a tight timeframe, we incorporated a dedicated section within the portal that dynamically pulls in the latest COVID-19-related videos from YouTube. This essential component enhances the portal’s multimedia dimension and addresses the need for visual and timely information. Here are the key aspects of this integrated feature:

  • Real-Time Video Updates : Our portal now seamlessly integrates a curated selection of the latest YouTube videos related to COVID-19. Users can access the most recent news, expert interviews, and educational content without leaving our platform, all within the one-month project deadline.
  • Enhanced User Engagement : The inclusion of multimedia content significantly increases user engagement and retention. Videos cater to diverse learning preferences, making it an ideal component for consultancy projects aiming to engage users effectively, even within tight timelines.
  • Comprehensive Information Hub for Health and Financial Insights: Users benefit from a well-rounded experience, receiving textual, visual, and statistical information in one place. This holistic approach ensures users are well-informed about the pandemic and financial developments, all achieved swiftly within the one-month project duration.
  • User-Friendly Multimedia Integration: Our YouTube Video Section is seamlessly incorporated into the portal’s design, providing a user-friendly and cohesive experience. Users can effortlessly navigate and access videos, enhancing user experience and information accessibility, all while adhering to the strict project timeline.


In just one month, we launched a dynamic web portal integrating thousands of hourly updating data points, along with a video API and a robust risk calculator. This project underscores our commitment to delivering timely and relevant COVID-19 information while empowering users with a comprehensive resource for health and financial insights within strict project deadlines

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