ESG Web App with AI-Generated Reporting

Jointly developed ESG web app with AI reports, potentially saves clients six digits annually
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In the dynamic landscape of corporate responsibility and sustainability, Our Collaboration Begins Web App Development for an ESG Dashboard in Malaysia. leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as JavaScript, Vue.js, Node.js, and GraphQL. This advanced dashboard aims to not only meet but exceed Bursa ESG requirements, providing a tailored solution for tracking and analysing annual data aligned with client corporate priorities, behaviours, and activation points.

Web App Development CHALLENGE

The challenge encompassed both technical intricacies and a nuanced understanding of evolving consumer sentiments. The technical challenge involved integrating JavaScript, Vue.js, Node.js, and GraphQL seamlessly to create a responsive and dynamic ESG Dashboard. Additionally, our research highlighted a specific consumer preference – a desire for companies to internally reduce carbon emissions rather than relying on external “Carbon Offsetting” programmes. Addressing this sentiment required a thoughtful approach to data analysis and presentation within the dashboard.


Our solution was a robust Protocol ESG Dashboard developed with JavaScript, Vue.js, Node.js, and GraphQL integration. Vue.js ensured a responsive and interactive user interface, while Node.js powered the backend, providing scalability and efficiency. GraphQL streamlined data communication, allowing for precise queries and reducing data transfer overhead. The dashboard itself allowed for customization based on corporate priorities and behaviours. It included an AI-generated annual ESG report, ESG rating and index, and a historical rating and index. The breakdown of environmental, social, and governance factors was presented intuitively, addressing the consumer preference for direct carbon emissions reduction.


The collaborative effort yielded exceptional results. Our client now possesses an MVP that not only complies with Bursa ESG requirements but also stands out as a technologically advanced solution. The Protocol ESG Dashboard, with its JavaScript, Vue.js, Node.js, and GraphQL integration, offers a seamless and interactive experience. The client is positioned as a leader in sustainable business practices, addressing consumer expectations directly. The journey from technical challenge to a fully integrated solution has resulted in a powerful tool that sets new standards in ESG reporting and analysis.

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