Football Predictions Live TV Schedule & Scores Feed

A solution that was not only 50% cheaper than quotes from other providers but also met the client's expectations for quality and reliability.
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In 2014, a prominent Malaysia news portal approached us with an exciting opportunity. They were keen to enhance their website with live football content, including TV schedules, live scores, and predictions. However, they had encountered a significant challenge in the form of prohibitively high quotes from UK-based providers. At that time, APIs for such data were not as commonly available as they are today. Undeterred by this obstacle, we eagerly accepted the project, driven by the prospect of offering a cost-effective solution that would meet the client’s needs while remaining budget-friendly.


The primary challenge was clear: to provide a comprehensive football live TV schedule, live scores, and predictions feed to the Malaysia news portal, all while adhering to a tight budget. The existing quotes from UK providers were exorbitant, making it necessary for us to devise an alternative solution that was not only affordable but also capable of delivering real-time data reliably. Furthermore, back in 2014, access to relevant APIs was limited, which added another layer of complexity to the project. Our goal was to find a way to overcome these challenges and create a system that would empower the news portal to offer dynamic live football content to its audience.


To address the challenge, our team embarked on a multifaceted approach. We leveraged a combination of PHP, MySQL, and Python programming languages to create a custom solution. This system featured a dynamic widget that seamlessly integrated into the news portal’s website. The widget was designed to fetch and display live football TV schedules, scores, and predictions from available data sources. By harnessing the power of these programming languages, we were able to build a cost-effective and highly efficient solution, significantly undercutting the quotes from UK providers. Our system ensured that the Malaysia news portal could offer up-to-the-minute football content to its audience without breaking the bank.


The results of our efforts were nothing short of remarkable. We successfully delivered a solution that was not only 50% cheaper than quotes from other providers but also met the client’s expectations for quality and reliability. The custom-built widget seamlessly integrated with the news portal’s website, providing users with access to real-time football live TV schedules, scores, and predictions. The system continued to operate flawlessly, enhancing the portal’s appeal and keeping its audience engaged with the latest football updates. This project demonstrated our ability to overcome challenges, innovate in the face of limitations, and deliver exceptional value to our clients.