Web Design Price in Selangor & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2023

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Malaysian businesses searching for web design prices have come to the right place. Whether you are seeking to compare prices, determine the cost of a quality website, or check what your competitors are offering, our team has you covered. We have gathered a list of the top web design packages in Selangor, Malaysia, to ensure that you can make a well-informed decision. It is our annual goal to update and provide the best web design prices in Selangor, Malaysia, for all your web design needs.

Comparison Table for Web Design Price Package for 1 page / Landing page in Selangor, Malaysia

Company Price(RM)
JZUOlite – JZUO Package web design service for SME 1199
Fuyoh Design 1200
KangXiang 1280
Dreamztech 1399
SWOT 1399
Win-Maker 1500
  • Only companies with a reasonable package, portfolio design, positive reviews, and fast website loading speed were selected.

Standard Package Details:

1 Page Website (5 Sections)
Content Management System
Mobile Friendly
Beautiful Template Design
Homepage Banner(s)
SSL Certificate (https)
Real-Time Analytics Report
WhatsApp Integration
Stock Photos

Free Domain Name 1st Year
Free Hosting 1st Year
Free Business Email

Web Design Features Explanation
Web Design Price Breakdown 

* Most packages will normally include the same things, but with different words. I think most web design companies listed above will offer the functions that other companies offer if they are not included in their list

Comparison Table for Web Design Price Package for Up to 6 pages in Selangor, Malaysia

Standard Package Details

Up to 6 Pages Website
(Same as 1 page package)

Comparison Table for Web Design Price Package for Ecommerce website in Selangor, Malaysia

Package Details:

Up to 6 Pages E-Shop
Unlimited Products
Shopping Cart
Payment Gateway
Mobile Friendly
Beautiful Template Design
Homepage Banner(s)
SSL Certificate (https)
Real-Time Analytics Report
WhatsApp Integration

Free Domain Name 1st Year
Free Hosting 1st Year
Free Business Email

Web Design Features Explanation or Same Meaning Words

Besides the Price comparison list, your boss or yourself may need to understand about the features and capabilities

Web Design Features and Explanation:

  • 1 Page Website (5 Sections)
    Same meaning words: Landing page, One-page website, single-page layout, scrolling website.
    Explanation: A website with all its content on one page, split into 5 different sections.
  • Content Management System
    Same meaning words: Website editor, web content platform, web publisher.
    Explanation: A tool that lets you manage the content on your website without needing to be a technical expert.
  • Mobile Friendly
    Same meaning words: Mobile-ready, mobile-optimised, mobile-adaptable, Mobile responsive
    Explanation: A website that looks good and works well on mobile devices like phones and tablets.
  • Beautiful Template Design
    Same meaning words: Template Design, Good-looking theme, pleasing layout, attractive design.
    Explanation: A pre-made design that is visually appealing, which can be used as a starting point for your website.
  • Homepage Banner(s)
    Same meaning words: Sliders, Main image, large image, rotating images.
    Explanation: A big image or series of images that appear at the top of the homepage.
  • SSL Certificate (https)
    Same meaning words: Secure connection, encrypted connection, safe connection.
    Explanation: A technology that keeps the information sent between a website and a user’s browser private. The “https” at the beginning of a website’s URL shows that an SSL certificate is in place.
  • Real-Time Analytics Report
    Same meaning words: Google analytics, Goole tag manager, Live website information, real-time visitor data, live website numbers.
    Explanation: Data about how visitors are using your website right now, such as how many visitors you have, where they’re coming from, and what pages they’re looking at.
  • WhatsApp Integration
    Same meaning words: WhatsApp chat, WhatsApp business, WhatsApp customer service.
    Explanation: Connecting your website with the WhatsApp messaging app, making it easy for visitors to send messages to your business through the app.
  • Stock Photos
    Same meaning words: Ready-made pictures, pre-made images, borrowed images.
    Explanation: Pictures that are already made and can be used on your website without having to take new ones. Stock photos can save time and money, but it’s important to choose ones that are relevant and look professional.
  • E-Commerce System
    Same meaning words: Online store platform, e-commerce platform, e-store system.
    Explanation: An e-commerce system is software that allows you to create an online store and manage your products, orders, and customers.
  • Payment Gateway
    Same meaning words: Online payment system, payment processor, online payment gateway.
    Explanation: A payment gateway is a technology that allows you to securely process payments from customers through your website.
  • Unlimited Products
    Same meaning words: No limit on products, unlimited item listing, unlimited product uploads.
    Explanation: Unlimited products refers to the ability to add an unlimited number of products to your online store without restrictions.
  • Free Domain Name 1st Year
    Same meaning Words: Complimentary domain registration, free domain for one year, free domain name.
    Explanation: A domain name is the website address that people type in to access your site. The first year of domain registration is often offered for free by website companies.
  • Free Hosting 1st Year
    Same meaning words: Complimentary website hosting, free website storage, free website hosting for one year.
    Explanation: Website hosting is where your website’s files are stored and served to the internet. Many website companies offer the first year of hosting for free.
  • Free Business Email
    Same meaning words: Free company email, free professional email, free business email account.
    Explanation: A professional email address using your company’s domain name, such as info@yourcompany.com, often offered for free by website companies. This can give your business a more professional image and make it easier for customers to contact you.

Web Design Price & breakdown for Selangor & KL, Malaysia

Domain Name

A domain name is the unique address of a website on the internet, such as “www.example.com”. A domain name acts as an identity for a website and makes it easier for people to find and remember the website’s address.

The cost of a domain name can vary depending on the extension, below is the price for most commonly use domain name in Malaysia:

.com domain names may cost around RM44.9 per year.
.com.my domain names may cost around RM80 per year.
.my domain names may cost around RM120 per year.


Hosting is a service that provides servers for storing and maintaining websites so that they are accessible on the internet. The hosting provider manages the technical aspects of running a website, including server maintenance, security, and reliability.

There are several types of hosting services, but the two most commonly used in Malaysia currently are shared hosting and cloud hosting.

Shared hosting – start from RM311 per year,
Cloud hosting –  start from RM900 per year.

The actual cost of hosting will depend on the specific requirements of the website and the hosting provider. It’s important to select the hosting package that provides the minimum resources needed for proper website speed and performance, taking into consideration the website’s traffic and resource requirements.

Type of Web site 

A basic HTML website may cost around RM2,500-RM5,000

a CMS website may cost RM 1900-RM20,000

an app may cost RM20,000-RM100,000+

an e-commerce website may cost RM3,390-RM50,000+

A property listing website, event management website, booking website, hotel booking website, car rental website, or directory management website may cost similar to a e-commerce website.

Template design/Custom design

A template design may cost around RM1,000-RM5,000, while a custom design may cost RM5,000-RM20,000+.

Number of pages

The cost of additional pages may range from RM500-RM1,500 per page, depending on the level of complexity and customisation.

Custom functions

The cost of custom functions will depend on the complexity of the function, with prices ranging from RM2,500-RM20,000+.

Content creation

This includes the cost of copywriting, graphic design, photography services, custom animations, and materials such as fonts, pictures, and video. The cost may range from RM2,000-RM10,000 or more.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This can improve the visibility and ranking of a website on search engines. SEO services may include keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building. The cost of SEO services can range from RM2,000-RM10,000 or more.

Maintenance and Updates

Ongoing maintenance and updates can help ensure that the website remains secure, functional, and up-to-date. This may include software updates, security patches, and bug fixes. The cost of maintenance can range from RM500-RM2,500 per year.

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