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Who offers the cheapest web design price in Malaysia?
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Who offers the cheapest web design price in Malaysia?

Currently if you search for “cheap web design & development in Malaysia”, you will probably get 3 options that offer prices less than RM 500.

Rank 1 (RM200) : When you see an ad that says ‘RM 200 for developing a website’, don’t get too excited about it because at the end of the article, it actually tell you that it is a limited offer and unfortunately it is not available now. As for now, the available package costs RM 1200. (Such a cliché)

Rank 2 (RM299): The 2nd Cheapest package price for Web development is RM 299.
The end result is probably going to be dreadful with a background image and some of your company details. To be honest, this kind of website is useless.
SUGGESTION: It is better to create a Facebook page for FREE or get a Google local listing. Save the RM 200 for some Facebook ad and it will get you more business than this rubbish.

Of course we can develop this kind of website for RM 299. But if it brings no sales and it affects your credibility, do you think you still want to go for it?


Rank 3 (RM 500): The 3rd lowest website design price you can find in Malaysia is around RM 500.

The design will look old fashioned and boring. It will look like a website that was developed in the 90’s. Let me give you a metaphor, look at the phone below,


This is what you’ll get at a cheap price and just imagine, it represents your company in 2019!

Phone in 2019 should look like this,


A question for you, will you bring an ancient phone to meet with your client today? Bear in mind, your phone, just like your website, represents your status and reputation.  I strongly suggest that you bring out something that is compatible with the world today. So please don’t create a website that looks awful for your business.

What is the reasonable price to develop a basic website in Malaysia?

The affordable price to develop a basic website in Malaysia starts from RM899-2000 for a single page design. RM 2,500 – RM 3,500 for a company website with multiple page. The difference of price depends on,

  1. Design – the lesser you pay, the lesser you’ll get in terms of time spent on your website design.
  2. Pages/contents – it depends on how many contents you have. In the modern days, a simple page will be able to cover the top 5 sections that you need on a website. e.g:- Home,  About Us, Services or Products, Portfolio, Contact Us
  3. SEO friendly – You website need to be search engine friendly so that it can rank higher and bring more visitor to your website
  4. Hosting – affect your website speed & security. Email hosting to get a professional looking email address, e.g:-
  5. Professional pictures/stock photos – Some businesses want professional pictures to make their website look stunning and impressive.

How About services that covers unlimited pages, unlimited hosting limits and a lot of other features with super low price?

You go to their portfolio page and you will find a lot broken links plus a lot website already change to other web design company. Be skeptical, there must be something fishy. Below are few real-life examples from web design company which offer unlimited plan.

Unlimited Trap
Unlimited Page Trap – picture capture from their terms and conditions page  (CMS page capacity and Not unlimited web page design!!)


unlimited web design trap2
Bad Reviews from web design company which offer unlimited page.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”
Real-World Warnings Keep You Safe Online


Value Web design vs Cheap Web Design

– Value for money and being cheap are 2 different things, in fact there are major differences between the two.  Value products will be able to last longer and do the job nicely for you. Cheap things usually end up causing you to lose more. For example, cheap hosting will cause your website to be slow and high frequency of down time. It will drive your customers away. Bad web design affects your company’s brand. You will end up spending more time and money for revamping your website because it didn’t work or it didn’t  bring anything good to your company.

SOLUTION: Value & Cheap Web Design

An affordable web design package for SME.

We will match any reputable web design company price.

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