Top Web Design Companies in Malaysia 2019

Every Web design Company will claim that they are the best design company in Malaysia. How convincing?
top web design Malaysia

Top Web Design Company in Malaysia BaseD on Company Size

We work with a lot of big advertising & marketing agencies in Malaysia. Therefore we understand website design is just a small section in their overall corporate brand building portfolios. Big corporate companies have big budget. A corporate brand building project could cost around RM 500,000 to RM 1,000,000. A Large Enterprise website could cost from RM 50,000 to RM 150,000. That’s why, you can’t really compare big advertising agencies with online web development companies.

Here, we group the Top Web design companies into 2 categories, one for SME and one for big corporation.

Top web design companIES for SME in Malaysia

Every Web design Company will, in their right mind, claim that they are the best design company in Malaysia. Not sure who crowned them the title. (Most Award Winners in Malaysia are BIG Advertising Agencies)

I think the easiest way for you to choose the best web design company is by looking at their portfolios & reviews.

Below are things to look for in best web design company portfolios:
  1. Do their own websites or their client’s websites work properly?
  2. Do you like their design?
  3. How fast is their websites load?
  4. Is the website mobile friendly?
  5. Can you find the client’s website on google?
Things to look for in top web design company reviews:
  1. What is their rating? How many reviews are there?
  2. Was the web design company helpful? Did they understand what their customers want?
  3. Do they respond to support quickly?
  4. Are they recommended by their customers?
  5. Did the project complete in time?

We compiled a list of Malaysia web design companies that have good reviews on Google.


Website Design CompanIES with Best Reviews in Malaysia for 2019

Number of Reviews
BestWeb Technologies
Software Development and Technological Innovations Company
11 5
Digital Zoopedia
They create, build & promote websites & apps for all industries. SEO & Social Media services are their expertise too.
8 5
Jumix Design
Jumix builds Websites, eCommerce and Sales Funnels , Sell Out, AND Close ANY Products & Services WITHOUT Hefty Capital.
8 5
JZUO – Malaysia Web Design & Development Company
IT specialists who partner with established creative agency that combine latest technologies & innovative ideas to create digital masterpiece. Your business success is our priority. Get in touch with us, let us take your online vision and turn it into reality.
7 5
They help companies to sharpen their digital marketing through user centric web design and refine sales efficiency since 2007.
23 4.9

Established since 2010 with a group of digital enthusiasts who has great passion towards programming works. They called themselves as “programming factory” as they produced 200 over websites or apps every year to help businesses transform from offline to online.

38 4.8
Bike Bear
Digital marketing agency based in Malaysia and their goal is to truly help businesses and companies grow through our designs, technology and experience. “
10 4.7
Webteq was established back in year 2007, by a group of young enterprising web professionals who are passionate in developing effective websites and web applications customization. Their company is located at the center of Johor – Johor Bahru, the southernmost of Malaysia. As reflected by the company name “WEBTEQ”. It is focusing on web and technology, provides the comprehensive website application consultation, creative web design and development.
30 4.6
While others merely ensure the solidity of their code, Orangesoft takes the customer’s point of view. That’s why our products are marketing-ready, designed with proper UX, and easy to operate. They believe that they can serve their clients much better by being excellent in a focused set of skills.
17 4.6
Skytomato specialized in providing Website Design Services since year 2009 and now offers CDN Based Hosting, Ecommerce Website Design, Domain Name & Hosting, Web Marketing on Facebook Business and Google Adwords, WordPress Design & Templates Installation, Website Maintenance and consistent after Sales Support. Partnering with the best in industry worldwide, Skytomato’s market-proven, open standards website design solutions enables companies to embrace industry shifts, evolving clients and rapidly growing E-business functionalities. 
9 4.6
  • We only select company with rating more than 4.5 and no. of review more than 5

Top Advertising Agencies in Malaysia for Large Enterprise

Kingdom Digital Solutions Nissan, Maxis, BOH
Leo Burnett McDonald’s, TNB, PETRONAS
Communicate by Pemandu PEMANDU Associates, Manulife, Dialog
FCB Kuala Lumpur Huawei, Levi’s, COCA-COLA
Nagaddbtribal Watson, Digi, HLB
Lion & Lion Google, Danone, Acer
Roar Point AEON, Maggi, Nestle
Dotplus Communications Asto, Alliance bank, Poh Kong

Our own criteria/mission to be the best web design company in Malaysia for our clients

  1. Create website that brings in More Sales.
    -Ultimate objective for business is to make profit and survive, especially SME.

    “Today is cruel. Tomorrow is crueler (Most business will be gone) and the day after tomorrow is beautiful.”

    Jack Ma

  2. Develop a website that is affordable for our clients.
    – More money should be spent on digital marketing. For SME company 80% marketing budget should be spent on marketing and 20% on Web development
  3. Website that is mobile friendly and design with simplicity concept in mind.
    – A small kids should know how to use or navigate.
  4. Website that is able to help customers automate jobs and reduce their work load.
    – Reduce cost means increase profit for our clients
  5. Website design that matches or elevates your brands.
    – Business needs to be clear in what they are offering so that customers will remember your company’s name.
  6. Website with the latest technology and trend.
    – Provide our client an edge to compete with their competitors. Convert customer’s website into web app.  Mobile App Advantage + Website Advantage = Web Apps
  7. Develop a website that is fast, secure and able to grow with the company
    – Able to provide customers with adequate and balance hosting requirement and security advice along their company growth. 

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